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The File Load Complete Event.

This event is dispatched by the Loader Plugin when any file in the queue finishes loading.

It uses a special dynamic event name constructed from the key and type of the file.

For example, if you have loaded an image with a key of monster, you can listen for it using the following:

this.load.on('filecomplete-image-monster', function (key, type, data) {
    // Your handler code

Or, if you have loaded a texture atlas with a key of Level1:

this.load.on('filecomplete-atlasjson-Level1', function (key, type, data) {
    // Your handler code

Or, if you have loaded a sprite sheet with a key of Explosion and a prefix of GAMEOVER:

this.load.on('filecomplete-spritesheet-GAMEOVERExplosion', function (key, type, data) {
    // Your handler code

Make sure you remove your listeners when you have finished, or they will continue to fire if the Scene reloads.

You can also listen for the generic completion of files. See the FILE_COMPLETE event.


name type arguments description
key string

The key of the file that just loaded and finished processing.

type string

The [file type]{@link Phaser.Loader.File#type} of the file that just loaded, i.e. image.

data any <optional>

The raw data the file contained. If the file was a multi-file, like an atlas or bitmap font, this parameter will be undefined.

Since: 3.0.0