Phaser API Documentation

Event: ADD


The Loader Plugin Add File Event.

This event is dispatched when a new file is successfully added to the Loader and placed into the load queue.

Listen to it from a Scene using: this.load.on('addfile', listener).

If you add lots of files to a Loader from a preload method, it will dispatch this event for each one of them.


name type description
key string

The unique key of the file that was added to the Loader.

type string

The [file type]{@link Phaser.Loader.File#type} string of the file that was added to the Loader, i.e. image.

loader Phaser.Loader.LoaderPlugin

A reference to the Loader Plugin that dispatched this event.

file Phaser.Loader.File

A reference to the File which was added to the Loader.

Since: 3.0.0