Phaser API Documentation

name type arguments Default description
baseURL string <optional>

A URL used to resolve paths given to the loader. Example: ''.

path string <optional>

A URL path used to resolve relative paths given to the loader. Example: 'images/sprites/'.

maxParallelDownloads number <optional> 32

The maximum number of resources the loader will start loading at once.

crossOrigin string | undefined <optional>

'anonymous', 'use-credentials', or undefined. If you're not making cross-origin requests, leave this as undefined. See {@link}.

responseType string <optional>

The response type of the XHR request, e.g. blob, text, etc.

async boolean <optional> true

Should the XHR request use async or not?

user string <optional>

Optional username for all XHR requests.

password string <optional>

Optional password for all XHR requests.

timeout number <optional> 0

Optional XHR timeout value, in ms.

Since: 3.0.0