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The Animation Repeat Event.

This event is dispatched by a Sprite when an animation repeats playing on it. This happens if the animation was created, or played, with a repeat value specified.

An animation will repeat when it reaches the end of its sequence.

Listen for it on the Sprite using sprite.on('animationrepeat', listener)

The animation event flow is as follows:

  2. ANIMATION_UPDATE (repeated for however many frames the animation has)
  3. ANIMATION_REPEAT (only if the animation is set to repeat, it then emits more update events after this)
  4. ANIMATION_COMPLETE (only if there is a finite, or zero, repeat count)
  5. ANIMATION_COMPLETE_KEY (only if there is a finite, or zero, repeat count)

If the animation is stopped directly, the ANIMATION_STOP event is dispatched instead of ANIMATION_COMPLETE.

If the animation is restarted while it is already playing, ANIMATION_RESTART is emitted.


name type description
animation Phaser.Animations.Animation

A reference to the Animation that has repeated.

frame Phaser.Animations.AnimationFrame

The current Animation Frame of the Animation.

gameObject Phaser.GameObjects.Sprite

A reference to the Game Object on which the animation repeated.

frameKey string

The unique key of the Animation Frame within the Animation.

Since: 3.50.0