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The Tween Complete Event.

This event is dispatched by a Tween when it completes playback entirely, factoring in repeats and loops.

If the Tween has been set to loop or repeat infinitely, this event will not be dispatched unless the Tween.stop method is called.

If a Tween has a completeDelay set, this event will fire after that delay expires.

Listen to it from a Tween instance using Tween.on('complete', listener), i.e.:

var tween = this.tweens.add({
    targets: image,
    x: 500,
    ease: 'Power1',
    duration: 3000
tween.on('complete', listener);


name type description
tween Phaser.Tweens.Tween

A reference to the Tween instance that emitted the event.

targets any | Array.<any>

The targets of the Tween. If this Tween has multiple targets this will be an array of the targets.

Since: 3.19.0