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The Pointer Drag Over Input Event.

This event is dispatched by the Input Plugin belonging to a Scene if a pointer drags a Game Object over a Drag Target.

When the Game Object first enters the drag target it will emit a dragenter event. If it then moves while within the drag target, it will emit this event instead.

Listen to this event from within a Scene using: this.input.on('dragover', listener).

A Pointer can only drag a single Game Object at once.

To listen for this event from a specific Game Object, use the GAMEOBJECT_DRAG_OVER event instead.


name type description
pointer Phaser.Input.Pointer

The Pointer responsible for triggering this event.

gameObject Phaser.GameObjects.GameObject

The interactive Game Object that this pointer is dragging.

target Phaser.GameObjects.GameObject

The drag target that this pointer has moved over.

Since: 3.0.0