Phaser API Documentation

Event: STOP


The Particle Emitter Stop Event.

This event is dispatched when a Particle Emitter is stopped. This can happen either when you directly call the ParticleEmitter.stop method, or if the emitter has been configured to stop after a set time via the duration property, or after a set number of particles via the stopAfter property.

Listen for it on a Particle Emitter instance using ParticleEmitter.on('stop', listener).

Note that just because the emitter has stopped, that doesn't mean there aren't still particles alive and rendering. It just means the emitter has stopped emitting particles.

If you wish to know when the final particle is killed, see the COMPLETE event.


name type description
emitter Phaser.GameObjects.Particles.ParticleEmitter

A reference to the Particle Emitter that just completed.

Since: 3.60.0