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The Animation Stop Event.

This event is dispatched by a Sprite when an animation is stopped on it. An animation will only be stopeed if a method such as Sprite.stop or Sprite.anims.stopAfterDelay is called. It can also be emitted if a new animation is started before the current one completes.

Listen for it on the Sprite using sprite.on('animationstop', listener)

The animation event flow is as follows:

  2. ANIMATION_UPDATE (repeated for however many frames the animation has)
  3. ANIMATION_REPEAT (only if the animation is set to repeat, it then emits more update events after this)
  4. ANIMATION_COMPLETE (only if there is a finite, or zero, repeat count)
  5. ANIMATION_COMPLETE_KEY (only if there is a finite, or zero, repeat count)

If the animation is stopped directly, the ANIMATION_STOP event is dispatched instead of ANIMATION_COMPLETE.

If the animation is restarted while it is already playing, ANIMATION_RESTART is emitted.


name type description
animation Phaser.Animations.Animation

A reference to the Animation that has stopped.

frame Phaser.Animations.AnimationFrame

The current Animation Frame of the Animation.

gameObject Phaser.GameObjects.Sprite

A reference to the Game Object on which the animation stopped.

frameKey string

The unique key of the Animation Frame within the Animation.

Since: 3.50.0