Phaser API Documentation

resize(width, height)


Call this to modify the size of the Phaser canvas element directly. You should only use this if you are using the NONE scale mode, it will update all internal components completely.

If all you want to do is change the size of the parent, see the setParentSize method.

If all you want is to change the base size of the game, but still have the Scale Manager manage all the scaling (i.e. you're not using NONE), then see the setGameSize method.

This method will set the gameSize, baseSize and displaySize components to the given dimensions. It will then resize the canvas width and height to the values given, by directly setting the properties. Finally, if you have set the Scale Manager zoom value to anything other than 1 (the default), it will set the canvas CSS width and height to be the given size multiplied by the zoom factor (the canvas pixel size remains untouched).

If you have enabled autoCenter, it is then passed to the updateCenter method and the margins are set, allowing the canvas to be centered based on its parent element alone. Finally, the displayScale is adjusted and the RESIZE event dispatched.


name type description
width number

The new width of the game.

height number

The new height of the game.


The Scale Manager instance.

Since: 3.16.0