Phaser API Documentation

createFromAseprite(key, [tags])


Create one, or more animations from a loaded Aseprite JSON file.

Aseprite is a powerful animated sprite editor and pixel art tool.

You can find more details at

To export a compatible JSON file in Aseprite, please do the following:

  1. Go to "File - Export Sprite Sheet"

  2. On the Layout tab: 2a. Set the "Sheet type" to "Packed" 2b. Set the "Constraints" to "None" 2c. Check the "Merge Duplicates" checkbox

  3. On the Sprite tab: 3a. Set "Layers" to "Visible layers" 3b. Set "Frames" to "All frames", unless you only wish to export a sub-set of tags

  4. On the Borders tab: 4a. Check the "Trim Sprite" and "Trim Cells" options 4b. Ensure "Border Padding", "Spacing" and "Inner Padding" are all > 0 (1 is usually enough)

  5. On the Output tab: 5a. Check "Output File", give your image a name and make sure you choose "png files" as the file type 5b. Check "JSON Data" and give your json file a name 5c. The JSON Data type can be either a Hash or Array, Phaser doesn't mind. 5d. Make sure "Tags" is checked in the Meta options 5e. In the "Item Filename" input box, make sure it says just "{frame}" and nothing more.

  6. Click export

This was tested with Aseprite 1.2.25.

This will export a png and json file which you can load using the Aseprite Loader, i.e.:

function preload ()
    this.load.path = 'assets/animations/aseprite/';
    this.load.aseprite('paladin', 'paladin.png', 'paladin.json');

Once loaded, you can call this method from within a Scene with the 'atlas' key:


Any animations defined in the JSON will now be available to use in Phaser and you play them via their Tag name. For example, if you have an animation called 'War Cry' on your Aseprite timeline, you can play it in Phaser using that Tag name:

this.add.sprite(400, 300).play('War Cry');

When calling this method you can optionally provide an array of tag names, and only those animations will be created. For example:

this.anims.createFromAseprite('paladin', [ 'step', 'War Cry', 'Magnum Break' ]);

This will only create the 3 animations defined. Note that the tag names are case-sensitive.


name type arguments description
key string

The key of the loaded Aseprite atlas. It must have been loaded prior to calling this method.

tags Array.<string> <optional>

An array of Tag names. If provided, only animations found in this array will be created.


An array of Animation instances that were successfully created.

Since: 3.50.0