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<static> GetAdvancedValue(source, key, defaultValue)


Retrieves a value from an object. Allows for more advanced selection options, including:

Allowed types:

Implicit { x: 4 }

From function { x: function () }

Randomly pick one element from the array { x: [a, b, c, d, e, f] }

Random integer between min and max: { x: { randInt: [min, max] } }

Random float between min and max: { x: { randFloat: [min, max] } }


name type description
source object

The object to retrieve the value from.

key string

The name of the property to retrieve from the object. If a property is nested, the names of its preceding properties should be separated by a dot (.) - banner.hideBanner would return the value of the hideBanner property from the object stored in the banner property of the source object.

defaultValue *

The value to return if the key isn't found in the source object.


The value of the requested key.

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Since: 3.0.0