Phaser API Documentation


Member of: Phaser.Loader

<static> XHRSettings([responseType], [async], [user], [password], [timeout], [withCredentials])


Creates an XHRSettings Object with default values.


name type arguments Default description
responseType XMLHttpRequestResponseType <optional> ''

The responseType, such as 'text'.

async boolean <optional> true

Should the XHR request use async or not?

user string <optional> ''

Optional username for the XHR request.

password string <optional> ''

Optional password for the XHR request.

timeout number <optional> 0

Optional XHR timeout value.

withCredentials boolean <optional> false

Optional XHR withCredentials value.


The XHRSettings object as used by the Loader.

Since: 3.0.0
Source: src/loader/XHRSettings.js (Line 7)