Phaser API Documentation

playAfterDelay(key, delay)


Waits for the specified delay, in milliseconds, then starts playback of the given animation.

If the animation also has a delay value set in its config, it will be added to the delay given here.

If an animation is already running and a new animation is given to this method, it will wait for the given delay before starting the new animation.

If no animation is currently running, the given one begins after the delay.

Prior to Phaser 3.50 this method was called 'delayedPlay' and the parameters were in the reverse order.


name type description
key string | Phaser.Animations.Animation | Phaser.Types.Animations.PlayAnimationConfig

The string-based key of the animation to play, or an Animation instance, or a PlayAnimationConfig object.

delay number

The delay, in milliseconds, to wait before starting the animation playing.


The Game Object that owns this Animation Component.

Since: 3.50.0