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Member of: Phaser.Utils.String

<static> Pad(str, [len], [pad], [dir])


Takes the given string and pads it out, to the length required, using the character specified. For example if you need a string to be 6 characters long, you can call:

pad('bob', 6, '-', 2)

This would return: bob--- as it has padded it out to 6 characters, using the - on the right.

You can also use it to pad numbers (they are always returned as strings):

pad(512, 6, '0', 1)

Would return: 000512 with the string padded to the left.

If you don't specify a direction it'll pad to both sides:

pad('c64', 7, '*')

Would return: **c64**


name type arguments Default description
str string | number | object

The target string. toString() will be called on the string, which means you can also pass in common data types like numbers.

len number <optional> 0

The number of characters to be added.

pad string <optional> " "

The string to pad it out with (defaults to a space).

dir number <optional> 3

The direction dir = 1 (left), 2 (right), 3 (both).


The padded string.

  • string
Since: 3.0.0
Source: src/utils/string/Pad.js (Line 7)