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Member of: Phaser.Utils.Array

<static> SetAll(array, property, value, [startIndex], [endIndex])


Scans the array for elements with the given property. If found, the property is set to the value.

For example: SetAll('visible', true) would set all elements that have a visible property to false.

Optionally you can specify a start and end index. For example if the array had 100 elements, and you set startIndex to 0 and endIndex to 50, it would update only the first 50 elements.


name type arguments description
array array

The array to search.

property string

The property to test for on each array element.

value *

The value to set the property to.

startIndex number <optional>

An optional start index to search from.

endIndex number <optional>

An optional end index to search to.


The input array.

  • array
Since: 3.4.0
Source: src/utils/array/SetAll.js (Line 9)