Phaser API Documentation



The font data for an individual character of a Bitmap Font.

Describes the character's position, size, offset and kerning.

As of version 3.50 it also includes the WebGL texture uv data.

name type description
x number

The x position of the character.

y number

The y position of the character.

width number

The width of the character.

height number

The height of the character.

centerX number

The center x position of the character.

centerY number

The center y position of the character.

xOffset number

The x offset of the character.

yOffset number

The y offset of the character.

u0 number

WebGL texture u0.

v0 number

WebGL texture v0.

u1 number

WebGL texture u1.

v1 number

WebGL texture v1.

data object

Extra data for the character.

kerning Object.<number>

Kerning values, keyed by character code.