Phaser API Documentation

putTileAt(tile, tileX, tileY, [recalculateFaces])


Puts a tile at the given tile coordinates in the specified layer. You can pass in either an index or a Tile object. If you pass in a Tile, all attributes will be copied over to the specified location. If you pass in an index, only the index at the specified location will be changed. Collision information will be recalculated at the specified location.


name type arguments Default description
tile number | Phaser.Tilemaps.Tile

The index of this tile to set or a Tile object.

tileX number

The x coordinate, in tiles, not pixels.

tileY number

The y coordinate, in tiles, not pixels.

recalculateFaces boolean <optional> true

true if the faces data should be recalculated.


The Tile object that was inserted at the given coordinates.

Since: 3.50.0