Phaser API Documentation

createFromTiles(indexes, replacements, [spriteConfig], [scene], [camera])


Creates a Sprite for every object matching the given tile indexes in the layer. You can optionally specify if each tile will be replaced with a new tile after the Sprite has been created. This is useful if you want to lay down special tiles in a level that are converted to Sprites, but want to replace the tile itself with a floor tile or similar once converted.


name type arguments description
indexes number | array

The tile index, or array of indexes, to create Sprites from.

replacements number | array

The tile index, or array of indexes, to change a converted tile to. Set to null to leave the tiles unchanged. If an array is given, it is assumed to be a one-to-one mapping with the indexes array.

spriteConfig Phaser.Types.GameObjects.Sprite.SpriteConfig <optional>

The config object to pass into the Sprite creator (i.e. scene.make.sprite).

scene Phaser.Scene <optional>

The Scene to create the Sprites within.

camera Phaser.Cameras.Scene2D.Camera <optional>

The Camera to use when determining the world XY


An array of the Sprites that were created.

Since: 3.50.0