Phaser API Documentation

<static> Parse2DArray(name, data, tileWidth, tileHeight, insertNull)


Parses a 2D array of tile indexes into a new MapData object with a single layer.


name type description
name string

The name of the tilemap, used to set the name on the MapData.

data Array.<Array.<number>>

2D array, CSV string or Tiled JSON object.

tileWidth number

The width of a tile in pixels.

tileHeight number

The height of a tile in pixels.

insertNull boolean

Controls how empty tiles, tiles with an index of -1, in the map data are handled. If true, empty locations will get a value of null. If false, empty location will get a Tile object with an index of -1. If you've a large sparsely populated map and the tile data doesn't need to change then setting this value to true will help with memory consumption. However if your map is small or you need to update the tiles dynamically, then leave the default value set.


The MapData object.

Since: 3.0.0