Phaser API Documentation

blendFrames(source1, source2, [target], [strength], [clearAlpha], [blendShader])


Draws the source1 and source2 Render Targets to the target Render Target using a linear blend effect, which is controlled by the strength parameter.


name type arguments Default description
source1 Phaser.Renderer.WebGL.RenderTarget

The first source Render Target.

source2 Phaser.Renderer.WebGL.RenderTarget

The second source Render Target.

target Phaser.Renderer.WebGL.RenderTarget <optional>

The target Render Target.

strength number <optional> 1

The strength of the blend.

clearAlpha boolean <optional> true

Clear the alpha channel when running gl.clear on the target?

blendShader Phaser.Renderer.WebGL.WebGLShader <optional>

The shader to use during the blend copy.