Phaser API Documentation

playAfterRepeat(key, [repeatCount])


Waits for the current animation to complete the repeatCount number of repeat cycles, then starts playback of the given animation.

You can use this to ensure there are no harsh jumps between two sets of animations, i.e. going from an idle animation to a walking animation, by making them blend smoothly into each other.

If no animation is currently running, the given one will start immediately.

When playing an animation on a Sprite it will first check to see if it can find a matching key locally within the Sprite. If it can, it will play the local animation. If not, it will then search the global Animation Manager and look for it there.


name type arguments Default description
key string | Phaser.Animations.Animation | Phaser.Types.Animations.PlayAnimationConfig

The string-based key of the animation to play, or an Animation instance, or a PlayAnimationConfig object.

repeatCount number <optional> 1

How many times should the animation repeat before the next one starts?


This Game Object.

Since: 3.50.0