Phaser API Documentation

image(x, y, key, [frame], [options])


Creates a Matter Physics Image Game Object.

An Image is a light-weight Game Object useful for the display of static images in your game, such as logos, backgrounds, scenery or other non-animated elements. Images can have input events and physics bodies, or be tweened, tinted or scrolled. The main difference between an Image and a Sprite is that you cannot animate an Image as they do not have the Animation component.


name type arguments description
x number

The horizontal position of this Game Object in the world.

y number

The vertical position of this Game Object in the world.

key string

The key of the Texture this Game Object will use to render with, as stored in the Texture Manager.

frame string | number <optional>

An optional frame from the Texture this Game Object is rendering with. Set to null to skip this value.

options Phaser.Types.Physics.Matter.MatterBodyConfig <optional>

An optional Body configuration object that is used to set initial Body properties on creation.


The Matter Image Game Object.

Since: 3.0.0