Phaser API Documentation

fromSVG(x, y, xml, [scale], [options], [addToWorld])


Creates a body using the path data from an SVG file.

SVG Parsing requires the pathseg polyfill from

The SVG file should be loaded as XML, as this method requires the ability to extract the path data from it. I.e.:

preload ()
  this.load.xml('face', 'assets/face.svg);

create ()
  this.matter.add.fromSVG(400, 300, this.cache.xml.get('face'));


name type arguments Default description
x number

The X coordinate of the body.

y number

The Y coordinate of the body.

xml object

The SVG Path data.

scale number <optional> 1

Scale the vertices by this amount after creation.

options Phaser.Types.Physics.Matter.MatterBodyConfig <optional>

An optional Body configuration object that is used to set initial Body properties on creation.

addToWorld boolean <optional> true

Should the newly created body be immediately added to the World?


A Matter JS Body.

  • MatterJS.BodyType
Since: 3.22.0