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If this Body is using drag for deceleration this property controls how the drag is applied. If set to true drag will use a damping effect rather than a linear approach. If you are creating a game where the Body moves freely at any angle (i.e. like the way the ship moves in the game Asteroids) then you will get a far smoother and more visually correct deceleration by using damping, avoiding the axis-drift that is prone with linear deceleration.

If you enable this property then you should use far smaller drag values than with linear, as they are used as a multiplier on the velocity. Values such as 0.95 will give a nice slow deceleration, where-as smaller values, such as 0.5 will stop an object almost immediately.


name type description
value boolean

true to use damping, or false to use drag.


This Body object.

Since: 3.50.0