Phaser API Documentation

moveTo(gameObject, x, y, [speed], [maxTime])


Move the given display object towards the x/y coordinates at a steady velocity. If you specify a maxTime then it will adjust the speed (over-writing what you set) so it arrives at the destination in that number of seconds. Timings are approximate due to the way browser timers work. Allow for a variance of +- 50ms. Note: The display object does not continuously track the target. If the target changes location during transit the display object will not modify its course. Note: The display object doesn't stop moving once it reaches the destination coordinates. Note: Doesn't take into account acceleration, maxVelocity or drag (if you've set drag or acceleration too high this object may not move at all)


name type arguments Default description
gameObject Phaser.GameObjects.GameObject

Any Game Object with an Arcade Physics body.

x number

The x coordinate to move towards.

y number

The y coordinate to move towards.

speed number <optional> 60

The speed it will move, in pixels per second (default is 60 pixels/sec)

maxTime number <optional> 0

Time given in milliseconds (1000 = 1 sec). If set the speed is adjusted so the object will arrive at destination in the given number of ms.


The angle (in radians) that the object should be visually set to in order to match its new velocity.

  • number
Since: 3.0.0