Phaser API Documentation

setHitArea(gameObjects, [hitArea], [hitAreaCallback])


Sets the hit area for the given array of Game Objects.

A hit area is typically one of the geometric shapes Phaser provides, such as a Phaser.Geom.Rectangle or Phaser.Geom.Circle. However, it can be any object as long as it works with the provided callback.

If no hit area is provided a Rectangle is created based on the size of the Game Object, if possible to calculate.

The hit area callback is the function that takes an x and y coordinate and returns a boolean if those values fall within the area of the shape or not. All of the Phaser geometry objects provide this, such as Phaser.Geom.Rectangle.Contains.


name type arguments description
gameObjects Phaser.GameObjects.GameObject | Array.<Phaser.GameObjects.GameObject>

An array of Game Objects to set the hit area on.

hitArea any | Phaser.Types.Input.InputConfiguration <optional>

Either an input configuration object, or a geometric shape that defines the hit area for the Game Object. If not specified a Rectangle will be used.

hitAreaCallback Phaser.Types.Input.HitAreaCallback <optional>

The 'contains' function to invoke to check if the pointer is within the hit area.


This InputPlugin object.

Since: 3.0.0