Phaser API Documentation

pollRate: number


How often should the Pointers be checked?

The value is a time, given in ms, and is the time that must have elapsed between game steps before the Pointers will be polled again. When a pointer is polled it runs a hit test to see which Game Objects are currently below it, or being interacted with it.

Pointers will always be checked if they have been moved by the user, or press or released.

This property only controls how often they will be polled if they have not been updated. You should set this if you want to have Game Objects constantly check against the pointers, even if the pointer didn't itself move.

Set to 0 to poll constantly. Set to -1 to only poll on user movement.

Default: -1
Since: 3.0.0
Source: src/input/InputPlugin.js (Line 187)