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Member of: Phaser.Geom.Point

<static> Interpolate(pointA, pointB, [t], [out])


Returns the linear interpolation point between the two given points, based on t.


name type arguments description
pointA Phaser.Geom.Point

The starting Point for the interpolation.

pointB Phaser.Geom.Point

The target Point for the interpolation.

t number <optional>

The amount to interpolate between the two points. Generally, a value between 0 (returns the starting Point) and 1 (returns the target Point). If omitted, 0 is used.

out object | Phaser.Geom.Point <optional>

An optional Point object whose x and y values will be set to the result of the interpolation (can also be any object with x and y properties). If omitted, a new Point created and returned.


Either the object from the out argument with the properties x and y set to the result of the interpolation or a newly created Point object.

Since: 3.0.0