Phaser API Documentation

<static> GetRectangleIntersection(rectA, rectB, [output])


Checks if two Rectangle shapes intersect and returns the area of this intersection as Rectangle object.

If optional output parameter is omitted, new Rectangle object is created and returned. If there is intersection, it will contain intersection area. If there is no intersection, it wil be empty Rectangle (all values set to zero).

If Rectangle object is passed as output and there is intersection, then intersection area data will be loaded into it and it will be returned. If there is no intersection, it will be returned without any change.


name type arguments description
rectA Phaser.Geom.Rectangle

The first Rectangle object.

rectB Phaser.Geom.Rectangle

The second Rectangle object.

output Phaser.Geom.Rectangle <optional>

Optional Rectangle object. If given, the intersection data will be loaded into it (in case of no intersection, it will be left unchanged). Otherwise, new Rectangle object will be created and returned with either intersection data or empty (all values set to zero), if there is no intersection.


A rectangle object with intersection data.