Phaser API Documentation

<static> GetRaysFromPointToPolygon(x, y, polygons)


Projects rays out from the given point to each line segment of the polygons.

If the rays intersect with the polygons, the points of intersection are returned in an array.

If no intersections are found, the returned array will be empty.

Each Vector4 intersection result has the following properties:

The x and y components contain the point of the intersection. The z component contains the angle of intersection. The w component contains the index of the polygon, in the given array, that triggered the intersection.


name type description
x number

The x coordinate to project the rays from.

y number

The y coordinate to project the rays from.

polygons Phaser.Geom.Polygon | Array.<Phaser.Geom.Polygon>

A single polygon, or array of polygons, to check against the rays.


An array containing all intersections in Vector4s.