Phaser API Documentation

<static> GetLineToPolygon(line, polygons, [out])


Checks for the closest point of intersection between a line segment and an array of polygons.

If no intersection is found, this function returns null.

If intersection was found, a Vector4 is returned with the following properties:

The x and y components contain the point of the intersection. The z component contains the closest distance. The w component contains the index of the polygon, in the given array, that triggered the intersection.


name type arguments description
line Phaser.Geom.Line

The line segment to check.

polygons Phaser.Geom.Polygon | Array.<Phaser.Geom.Polygon>

A single polygon, or array of polygons, to check.

out Phaser.Math.Vector4 <optional>

A Vector4 to store the intersection results in.


A Vector4 containing the intersection results, or null.

Since: 3.50.0