Phaser API Documentation



Sets the mask that this Game Object will use to render with.

The mask must have been previously created and can be either a GeometryMask or a BitmapMask. Note: Bitmap Masks only work on WebGL. Geometry Masks work on both WebGL and Canvas.

If a mask is already set on this Game Object it will be immediately replaced.

Masks are positioned in global space and are not relative to the Game Object to which they are applied. The reason for this is that multiple Game Objects can all share the same mask.

Masks have no impact on physics or input detection. They are purely a rendering component that allows you to limit what is visible during the render pass.


name type description
mask Phaser.Display.Masks.BitmapMask | Phaser.Display.Masks.GeometryMask

The mask this Game Object will use when rendering.


This Game Object instance.

Since: 3.6.2