Phaser API Documentation

setData(key, [data])


Allows you to store a key value pair within this Game Objects Data Manager.

If the Game Object has not been enabled for data (via setDataEnabled) then it will be enabled before setting the value.

If the key doesn't already exist in the Data Manager then it is created.

sprite.setData('name', 'Red Gem Stone');

You can also pass in an object of key value pairs as the first argument:

sprite.setData({ name: 'Red Gem Stone', level: 2, owner: 'Link', gold: 50 });

To get a value back again you can call getData:


Or you can access the value directly via the values property, where it works like any other variable: += 50;

When the value is first set, a setdata event is emitted from this Game Object.

If the key already exists, a changedata event is emitted instead, along an event named after the key. For example, if you updated an existing key called PlayerLives then it would emit the event changedata-PlayerLives. These events will be emitted regardless if you use this method to set the value, or the direct values setter.

Please note that the data keys are case-sensitive and must be valid JavaScript Object property strings. This means the keys gold and Gold are treated as two unique values within the Data Manager.


name type arguments description
key string | object

The key to set the value for. Or an object of key value pairs. If an object the data argument is ignored.

data * <optional>

The value to set for the given key. If an object is provided as the key this argument is ignored.


This GameObject.

Since: 3.0.0