Phaser API Documentation

isotriangle([x], [y], [size], [height], [reversed], [fillTop], [fillLeft], [fillRight])


Creates a new IsoTriangle Shape Game Object and adds it to the Scene.

Note: This method will only be available if the IsoTriangle Game Object has been built into Phaser.

The IsoTriangle Shape is a Game Object that can be added to a Scene, Group or Container. You can treat it like any other Game Object in your game, such as tweening it, scaling it, or enabling it for input or physics. It provides a quick and easy way for you to render this shape in your game without using a texture, while still taking advantage of being fully batched in WebGL.

This shape supports only fill colors and cannot be stroked.

An IsoTriangle is an 'isometric' triangle. Think of it like a pyramid. Each face has a different fill color. You can set the color of the top, left and right faces of the triangle respectively You can also choose which of the faces are rendered via the showTop, showLeft and showRight properties.

You cannot view an IsoTriangle from under-neath, however you can change the 'angle' by setting the projection property. The reversed property controls if the IsoTriangle is rendered upside down or not.


name type arguments Default description
x number <optional> 0

The horizontal position of this Game Object in the world.

y number <optional> 0

The vertical position of this Game Object in the world.

size number <optional> 48

The width of the iso triangle in pixels. The left and right faces will be exactly half this value.

height number <optional> 32

The height of the iso triangle. The left and right faces will be this tall. The overall height of the iso triangle will be this value plus half the size value.

reversed boolean <optional> false

Is the iso triangle upside down?

fillTop number <optional> 0xeeeeee

The fill color of the top face of the iso triangle.

fillLeft number <optional> 0x999999

The fill color of the left face of the iso triangle.

fillRight number <optional> 0xcccccc

The fill color of the right face of the iso triangle.


The Game Object that was created.