Phaser API Documentation

getScores([count], [offset])


Retrieves a set of leaderboard entries, ordered by score ranking in the leaderboard.

The data is requested in an async call, so the result isn't available immediately.

When the call completes this Leaderboard will emit the getscores event along with an array of LeaderboardScore entries and the name of the Leaderboard.


name type arguments Default description
count integer <optional> 10

The number of entries to attempt to fetch from the leaderboard. Currently, up to a maximum of 100 entries may be fetched per query.

offset integer <optional> 0

The offset from the top of the leaderboard that entries will be fetched from.


This Leaderboard instance.

Since: 3.13.0
Source: src//Leaderboard.js (Line 230)