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Member of: Phaser.Create

<static> GenerateTexture(config)


Generates a texture based on the given Create configuration object.

The texture is drawn using a fixed-size indexed palette of 16 colors, where the hex value in the data cells map to a single color. For example, if the texture config looked like this:

var star = [

this.textures.generate('star', { data: star, pixelWidth: 4 });

Then it would generate a texture that is 52 x 48 pixels in size, because each cell of the data array represents 1 pixel multiplied by the pixelWidth value. The cell values, such as 8, maps to color number 8 in the palette. If a cell contains a period character . then it is transparent.

The default palette is Arne16, but you can specify your own using the palette property.


name type description
config Phaser.Types.Create.GenerateTextureConfig

The Generate Texture Configuration object.


An HTMLCanvasElement which contains the generated texture drawn to it.

  • HTMLCanvasElement
Since: 3.0.0