Phaser API Documentation



Determines the features of the browser running this Phaser Game instance. These values are read-only and populated during the boot sequence of the game. They are then referenced by internal game systems and are available for you to access via from within any Scene.

name type description
canvasBitBltShift boolean

True if canvas supports a 'copy' bitblt onto itself when the source and destination regions overlap.

canvas boolean

Is canvas available?

file boolean

Is file available?

fileSystem boolean

Is fileSystem available?

getUserMedia boolean

Does the device support the getUserMedia API?

littleEndian boolean

Is the device big or little endian? (only detected if the browser supports TypedArrays)

localStorage boolean

Is localStorage available?

pointerLock boolean

Is Pointer Lock available?

support32bit boolean

Does the device context support 32bit pixel manipulation using array buffer views?

vibration boolean

Does the device support the Vibration API?

webGL boolean

Is webGL available?

worker boolean

Is worker available?

Since: 3.0.0
Source: src/device/Features.js (Line 11)