Phaser API Documentation



This method is called when the Scene boots. It is only ever called once.

By this point the plugin properties scene and systems will have already been set.

In here you can listen for Scene and set-up whatever you need for this plugin to run. Here are the Scene events you can listen to:

  • start
  • ready
  • preupdate
  • update
  • postupdate
  • resize
  • pause
  • resume
  • sleep
  • wake
  • transitioninit
  • transitionstart
  • transitioncomplete
  • transitionout
  • shutdown
  • destroy

At the very least you should offer a destroy handler for when the Scene closes down, i.e:

var eventEmitter =;
eventEmitter.once('destroy', this.sceneDestroy, this);
Since: 3.8.0