Phaser API Documentation

name type description
global Phaser.Types.GameObjects.BitmapText.GlobalBitmapTextSize

The position and size of the BitmapText, taking into account the position and scale of the Game Object.

local Phaser.Types.GameObjects.BitmapText.LocalBitmapTextSize

The position and size of the BitmapText, taking just the font size into account.

lines Phaser.Types.GameObjects.BitmapText.BitmapTextLines

Data about the lines of text within the BitmapText.

characters Array.<Phaser.Types.GameObjects.BitmapText.BitmapTextCharacter>

An array containing per-character data. Only populated if includeChars is true in the getTextBounds call.

words Array.<Phaser.Types.GameObjects.BitmapText.BitmapTextWord>

An array containing the word data from the BitmapText.

scale number

The scale of the BitmapText font being rendered vs. font size in the text data.

scaleX number

The scale X value of the BitmapText.

scaleY number

The scale Y value of the BitmapText.

wrappedText string

The wrapped text, if wrapping enabled and required.