Phaser API Documentation


Member of: Phaser.Tweens.Tween

callbacks: object


An object containing the different Tween callback functions.

You can either set these in the Tween config, or by calling the Tween.setCallback method.

onActive When the Tween is moved from the pending to the active list in the Tween Manager, even if playback paused. onStart When the Tween starts playing after a delayed state. Will happen at the same time as onActive if it has no delay. onYoyo When a TweenData starts a yoyo. This happens after the hold delay expires, if set. onRepeat When a TweenData repeats playback. This happens after the repeatDelay expires, if set. onComplete When the Tween finishes playback fully. Never invoked if tween is set to repeat infinitely. onUpdate When a TweenData updates a property on a source target during playback. onLoop When a Tween loops. This happens after the loopDelay expires, if set.

Since: 3.0.0