Phaser API Documentation

step([delta], [correction])


Manually advances the physics simulation by one iteration.

You can optionally pass in the delta and correction values to be used by Engine.update. If undefined they use the Matter defaults of 60Hz and no correction.

Calling step directly bypasses any checks of enabled or autoUpdate.

It also ignores any custom getDelta functions, as you should be passing the delta value in to this call.

You can adjust the number of iterations that Engine.update performs internally. Use the Scene Matter Physics config object to set the following properties:

positionIterations (defaults to 6) velocityIterations (defaults to 4) constraintIterations (defaults to 2)

Adjusting these values can help performance in certain situations, depending on the physics requirements of your game.


name type arguments Default description
delta number <optional> 16.666

The delta value.

correction number <optional> 1

Optional delta correction value.

Since: 3.4.0