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Enables the Matter Collision Events Plugin.

Note that this plugin is enabled by default. So you should only ever need to call this method if you have specifically disabled the plugin in your Matter World Config. You can disable it by setting plugins.collisionevents: false in your Matter World Config.

This plugin triggers three new events on Matter.Body:

  1. onCollide
  2. onCollideEnd
  3. onCollideActive

These events correspond to the Matter.js events collisionStart, collisionActive and collisionEnd, respectively. You can listen to these events via Matter.Events or they will also be emitted from the Matter World.

This plugin also extends Matter.Body with three convenience functions:

Matter.Body.setOnCollide(callback) Matter.Body.setOnCollideEnd(callback) Matter.Body.setOnCollideActive(callback)

You can register event callbacks by providing a function of type (pair: Matter.Pair) => void


This Matter Physics instance.

Since: 3.22.0