Phaser API Documentation

setDrag(x, [y])


Sets the body's horizontal and vertical drag. If the vertical drag value is not provided, the vertical drag is set to the same value as the horizontal drag.

Drag can be considered as a form of deceleration that will return the velocity of a body back to zero over time. It is the absolute loss of velocity due to movement, in pixels per second squared. The x and y components are applied separately.

When useDamping is true, this is 1 minus the damping factor. A value of 1 means the Body loses no velocity. A value of 0.95 means the Body loses 5% of its velocity per step. A value of 0.5 means the Body loses 50% of its velocity per step.

Drag is applied only when acceleration is zero.


name type arguments Default description
x number

The amount of horizontal drag to apply.

y number <optional> x

The amount of vertical drag to apply.


This Game Object.

Since: 3.0.0