Phaser API Documentation



Adds a file, or array of files, into the load queue.

The file must be an instance of Phaser.Loader.File, or a class that extends it. The Loader will check that the key used by the file won't conflict with any other key either in the loader, the inflight queue or the target cache. If allowed it will then add the file into the pending list, read for the load to start. Or, if the load has already started, ready for the next batch of files to be pulled from the list to the inflight queue.

You should not normally call this method directly, but rather use one of the Loader methods like image or atlas, however you can call this as long as the file given to it is well formed.


name type description
file Phaser.Loader.File | Array.<Phaser.Loader.File>

The file, or array of files, to be added to the load queue.

Since: 3.0.0