Phaser API Documentation



Creates and returns a Bitmap Mask. This mask can be used by any Game Object, including this one.

Note: Bitmap Masks only work on WebGL. Geometry Masks work on both WebGL and Canvas.

To create the mask you need to pass in a reference to a renderable Game Object. A renderable Game Object is one that uses a texture to render with, such as an Image, Sprite, Render Texture or BitmapText.

If you do not provide a renderable object, and this Game Object has a texture, it will use itself as the object. This means you can call this method to create a Bitmap Mask from any renderable Game Object.


name type arguments description
renderable Phaser.GameObjects.GameObject <optional>

A renderable Game Object that uses a texture, such as a Sprite.


This Bitmap Mask that was created.

Since: 3.6.2