Phaser API Documentation

star([x], [y], [points], [innerRadius], [outerRadius], [fillColor], [fillAlpha])


Creates a new Star Shape Game Object and adds it to the Scene.

Note: This method will only be available if the Star Game Object has been built into Phaser.

The Star Shape is a Game Object that can be added to a Scene, Group or Container. You can treat it like any other Game Object in your game, such as tweening it, scaling it, or enabling it for input or physics. It provides a quick and easy way for you to render this shape in your game without using a texture, while still taking advantage of being fully batched in WebGL.

This shape supports both fill and stroke colors.

As the name implies, the Star shape will display a star in your game. You can control several aspects of it including the number of points that constitute the star. The default is 5. If you change it to 4 it will render as a diamond. If you increase them, you'll get a more spiky star shape.

You can also control the inner and outer radius, which is how 'long' each point of the star is. Modify these values to create more interesting shapes.


name type arguments Default description
x number <optional> 0

The horizontal position of this Game Object in the world.

y number <optional> 0

The vertical position of this Game Object in the world.

points number <optional> 5

The number of points on the star.

innerRadius number <optional> 32

The inner radius of the star.

outerRadius number <optional> 64

The outer radius of the star.

fillColor number <optional>

The color the star will be filled with, i.e. 0xff0000 for red.

fillAlpha number <optional>

The alpha the star will be filled with. You can also set the alpha of the overall Shape using its alpha property.


The Game Object that was created.

Since: 3.13.0