Phaser API Documentation

dynamicBitmapText(x, y, font, [text], [size])


Creates a new Dynamic Bitmap Text Game Object and adds it to the Scene.

BitmapText objects work by taking a texture file and an XML or JSON file that describes the font structure.

During rendering for each letter of the text is rendered to the display, proportionally spaced out and aligned to match the font structure.

Dynamic Bitmap Text objects are different from Static Bitmap Text in that they invoke a callback for each letter being rendered during the render pass. This callback allows you to manipulate the properties of each letter being rendered, such as its position, scale or tint, allowing you to create interesting effects like jiggling text, which can't be done with Static text. This means that Dynamic Text takes more processing time, so only use them if you require the callback ability they have.

BitmapText objects are less flexible than Text objects, in that they have less features such as shadows, fills and the ability to use Web Fonts, however you trade this flexibility for rendering speed. You can also create visually compelling BitmapTexts by processing the font texture in an image editor, applying fills and any other effects required.

To create multi-line text insert \r, \n or \r\n escape codes into the text string.

To create a BitmapText data files you need a 3rd party app such as:

BMFont (Windows, free): Glyph Designer (OS X, commercial): Littera (Web-based, free):

For most use cases it is recommended to use XML. If you wish to use JSON, the formatting should be equal to the result of converting a valid XML file through the popular X2JS library. An online tool for conversion can be found here:

Note: This method will only be available if the Dynamic Bitmap Text Game Object has been built into Phaser.


name type arguments description
x number

The x position of the Game Object.

y number

The y position of the Game Object.

font string

The key of the font to use from the BitmapFont cache.

text string | Array.<string> <optional>

The string, or array of strings, to be set as the content of this Bitmap Text.

size number <optional>

The font size to set.


The Game Object that was created.