Phaser API Documentation

start([duration], [intensity], [force], [callback], [context])


Shakes the Camera by the given intensity over the duration specified.


name type arguments Default description
duration number <optional> 100

The duration of the effect in milliseconds.

intensity number | Phaser.Math.Vector2 <optional> 0.05

The intensity of the shake.

force boolean <optional> false

Force the shake effect to start immediately, even if already running.

callback Phaser.Types.Cameras.Scene2D.CameraShakeCallback <optional>

This callback will be invoked every frame for the duration of the effect. It is sent two arguments: A reference to the camera and a progress amount between 0 and 1 indicating how complete the effect is.

context any <optional>

The context in which the callback is invoked. Defaults to the Scene to which the Camera belongs.


The Camera on which the effect was started.

Since: 3.5.0