Phaser API Documentation

name type arguments description
name string <optional>

The key in the Phaser cache that corresponds to the loaded tilemap data.

width number <optional>

The width of the entire tilemap.

height number <optional>

The height of the entire tilemap.

tileWidth number <optional>

The width of the tiles.

tileHeight number <optional>

The height of the tiles.

widthInPixels number <optional>

The width in pixels of the entire tilemap.

heightInPixels number <optional>

The height in pixels of the entire tilemap.

format number <optional>

The format of the Tilemap, as defined in Tiled.

orientation string <optional>

The orientation of the map data (i.e. orthogonal, isometric, hexagonal), default 'orthogonal'.

renderOrder string <optional>

Determines the draw order of tilemap. Default is right-down.

version number <optional>

The version of Tiled the map uses.

properties number <optional>

Map specific properties (can be specified in Tiled).

layers Array.<Phaser.Tilemaps.LayerData> <optional>

The layers of the tilemap.

images array <optional>

An array with all the layers configured to the MapData.

objects object <optional>

An array of Tiled Image Layers.

collision object <optional>

An object of Tiled Object Layers.

tilesets Array.<Phaser.Tilemaps.Tileset> <optional>

The tilesets the map uses.

imageCollections array <optional>

The collection of images the map uses(specified in Tiled).

tiles array <optional>

Array of Tile instances.

Since: 3.0.0