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The Tween Repeat Event.

This event is dispatched by a Tween when one of the properties it is tweening repeats.

This event will only be dispatched if the Tween has a property with a repeat count set.

If a Tween has a repeatDelay set, this event will fire after that delay expires.

The difference between loop and repeat is that repeat is a property setting, where-as loop applies to the entire Tween.

Listen to it from a Tween instance using Tween.on('repeat', listener), i.e.:

var tween = this.tweens.add({
    targets: image,
    x: 500,
    ease: 'Power1',
    duration: 3000,
    repeat: 4
tween.on('repeat', listener);


name type description
tween Phaser.Tweens.Tween

A reference to the Tween instance that emitted the event.

key string

The key of the property that just repeated.

target any

The target that the property just repeated on.

Since: 3.19.0